website changelog so far since like i like doing this sort of thing even tho it's stupid (yy/mm/dd)

[5:23 AM] Website registered under Neocities, given the default template to work with. Went to bed.
[1:38 PM] Replaced the title with "july rose addison." Replaced all default text with my own, but keeping most code. Replaced the link to Neocities with one to my Twitter. Replaced the unordered list with a description list, and used that to make this changelog. I'd do more but I have things to do in 22 minutes, so I'll be back!
[2:10 AM] Moved changelog entries a day up, as I missed the 27th - got notably more occupied than I was expecting. Went to bed.
[5:19 PM] Created this very page (changelogext,) alongside the much more concise version. As of writing, that page is empty. Moved all the changelog content from the homepage to here. Updated my Twitter link there as well, since my handle changed.
[8:34 PM] Homepage title changed to "Velvetune - Home" in addition to that page being replaced with a header and text saying to be patient whilst i relearned CSS and to follow my Twitter. Changed the title on this page to "Velvetune - Changelog (Ext.)"